Operation Iron Ruck (OIR) is an annual event hosted by the Auburn Student Veterans Association (ASVA) and the University of Alabama Campus Veterans Association (CVA) to raise awareness and funds for veteran suicide prevention. As the state of Alabama has one of the nation’s highest veteran suicide rates, OIR seeks to increase the public’s knowledge on this issue while uniting veterans with the community, funding charities, championing veteran suicide education and supporting local veteran organizations.

151 Mile Ruck

In 2018, Operation Iron Ruck was founded when veteran students from Auburn University and the University of Alabama decided they wanted to help their fellow veterans. Each Iron Bowl since, student veterans, veteran alumni and ROTC from both Auburn and Alabama embark on a 151-mile ruck starting at the away team’s stadium and ending at the home team’s stadium. The ruckers also carry the game ball to the home team’s stadium ahead of each Iron Bowl.

Veterans Supporting Veterans

Operation Iron Ruck is tough, it’s veterans standing alongside veterans in their struggles. This event is raising awareness of the veteran suicide epidemic while also giving veterans the opportunity to create a community and connect with other veterans. Being around people who’ve had different experiences but share the same bond of being a veteran has transformed lives. Operation Iron Ruck has evolved into a major community event with numerous sponsors and hundreds of participants and volunteers.

Support OIR

The 2023 Operation Iron Ruck is set to be the largest and most impactful to date. Through its continued success and growth, Operation Iron Ruck reinforces ASVA’s and CVA’s commitment to increasing awareness of veteran suicides while working to decrease the suicide statistic.


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University of Alabama Campus Veterans Association

At the University of Alabama, the Campus Veterans Association will provide a support network for veterans, dependents and survivors; a social experience that builds on the bonds forged during service; and a voice that advocates for the military community.

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Auburn University Student Veterans Association

Established in 2009 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the Auburn Student Veterans Association (ASVA) serves as a beacon for military veterans transitioning into academic life at Auburn University. Drawing strength from the principles of military culture, ASVA’s main mission is to bridge the gap between military service and the pursuit of higher education.

ASVA was born out of a distinct “why” – to serve as the nexus for military veterans as they navigate their new life at Auburn University. The essence of our existence revolves around two main points: fostering academic achievement and promoting integration into the Auburn community.

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